Travelbook CRS Training


Learn how to get detailed or overview statistics for metrics such as revenue or bookings

My Menu

Personalizing the CRS right hand Menu to show only your most go to features for quick access

Property Information

Finding property information and built room types


Showing you where to access and modify your default room inventory

Stop Sales and Minimum Length of Stay

Setup a period of closure for your property or a minimum length of stay day by day and/or over longer periods

Availability by Channel

Setting availability and restrictions for individual channels for each room type

Rates by Period

Change your rates for each room type over a set period

Rates by Day

Change your rates on a day by day basis to accommodate for example special events

Rates by Grid

Change and attach rates using the calendar grid over a 1 year period

Channel Manager

Learn which channels your are currently connected with and which are in progress to being connected to


Find out and explore your current and forthcoming reservations and check-ins