Website Booking Engine

A free booking engine for hotel websites to increase direct bookings

Our Booking Engine uses State of the Art Technology to deliver to our hotels an industry-leading conversion rate of 3.5%. This means more bookings in only 3 steps to get through the booking process and more direct revenue coming to your hotel.

Our designs work on any device. Desktops, mobiles and tablets can all be used by guests to book your hotel directly through your website.

Our booking engine technology works together with our Central Reservations System to make managing your availability easy and it can accept all payment methods to ensure that your guests have an effortless boking process.

The versatility of the booking engine is infinite as our ad hoc functionalities ensures that it is built in a way that will sell your hotel rooms. Our booking engine makes sure to show different room types that can be booked even when there’s no availability for the specific parameters the guest uses to search. Other features include:

Free Responsive Hotel Website

We offer all of our hotels a free website because we understand how important is is for our hotels to market themselves in a way that stands out and we strive to help in every way that we can.

Our websites are designed with your hotel in mind. 75% of holidays are now booked online and by offering your guests a slick user experience and strikingly beautiful designs on your website you can take your direct channel sales to a new level and lower your third party commissions.

All of our websites can be customised to suit all of your marketing needs and are available in over 20 languages.

Our website offers an unmatched user experience and a seamless 3 step booking process while ensuring that guests are engaged and that your website is efficiently marketed on the internet, through the use of SEOs, so that it always shows up on the first page in search engines.

Web Services

SEO - SEM – PPC Our web services ensure to give you tangible results in todays crowded digital space. We analyse your hotel’s needs and find cost effective ways to drive more traffic to your website so that your digital marketing investments result in more direct bookings for you.

SEO is a cost effective way to get maximum exposure for your property as search engines play a key role in today’s holiday planning process. By increasing your ranking, you increase your traffic and therefore increase your revenue. The content on your website that we create is high quality and optimizing your web structure will both help to rank your site better in searches and attract more guests to your hotel.

Paid search channels are a quick and effective way to drive high quality traffic for your hotel’s website. We help you create your tailored campaign and keyword strategy and ensure that you are getting the most from your investment.

OTA Rate Comparison Tool

Google, Trivago, Kayak, SkyScanner, Tripadvisor Convert website visitors to bookers by showing all online selling rates

Our OTA comparison tool is implemented into our CRS and it will allow you to have complete transparency with guests visiting your website.

The tool displays the rate from your website alongside the rate that is being sold on all OTAs, this shows guests that they do not need to leave your website to get the best rate therefore encourages them to book with you.

You can additionally make offers on this tool such as ‘if you book through our website you get a free dinner or champagne on arrival’ in order to try and get more direct bookings and lower third party costs.

Rate Shopping Tool

Compare your prices against your competition with just a few clicks

The Travelbook Group Rate Shopping Tool uses advanced business intelligence to help our hotels raise their profits. The internet is everywhere and transforming how consumers make purchasing decisions. Hoteliers are also using this information super highway to increase their own market intelligence and better understand their competition. Collecting and analysing data about your competitors’ rate strategy can be timely, costly and ineffective if you go at it alone.

Using this tool gives your hotel a competitive edge as it facilitates you with the information you need to choose your pricing strategies.

Our Rate Shopping tool allows you to compare the prices of your competitors on different platforms and to create reports to visually display this information. All the information is colour coded and many of the reports are interactive so that you can always look for more in key areas of interest. It is also designed to prompt you when there are any rate changes or availability alerts, enabling you to spot any issues more quickly.

Our reports can be done as raw data, rate grids, graphs, maps and location, index reports and volatility reports and can all be printed and shared

As well as helping you compare your rates to other hotels our tool helps you keep an eye on your parity across the different channels you are connected to.

Meta Searches

Google - Trivago - Kayak - SkyScanner - TripConnect
Available via our Central Reservation System. Meta searches are search engines that work with intricate algorithms to present the searcher with multiple options upon their search, for example your hotels own website can be one of the results. Meta searches help the ranking of the hotels via the above method, presenting the hotels own booking engine into guests searches. Meta searches result in higher visibility on search results at an additional cost.