Central Reservation System

Our state-of-the art one stop shop with GDS connectivity, channel manager, Booking Engine, Call centre app and much more

Electronic distribution management has never been easier or more effective. The Travelbook Central Reservation System (t-CRS) is highly versatile, offering independent hotels and hotel chains the ability to quickly and effectively manage all of their distribution channels in one state-of-the-art, user-friendly system. Manage all your hotel information, rates and inventory from one place and seamlessly connect to all major distribution channels as well as hundreds of independent booking sites. Using our CRS allows you to maximise your occupancy rates without overbooking risks.

The Travelbook Group offers all of our hotels extensive training to ensure that you are able to use every functionality of our CRS to its full potential; but additionally our experienced staff are always available to help with any needs your hotel has.
Our CRS offers:

Channel Manager

Directly connect with OTAs and Wholesalers via our CRS.

Our Channel Manager’s innovative technology and functionality lead the way in online room inventory and rate management. With 2-way XML connections to the world’s leading booking websites. From one central application, the Channel Manager ensures properties of all sizes can maximise their online exposure, increase revenue and reduce the time and cost it takes to update rooms. Our channel manager allows you to change all your rates, availability and restrictions through our CRS and distributes it to all channels you are connected to.

We strive for new Global Agreements continuously, ensuring our hotels receive the best commission rates and terms available.

Revenue Architects

Each hotelier that is part of The Travelbook Group is assigned their own dedicated Revenue Architect to allow a better communication between us and our hotels.

Our Revenue Architects are the hotel’s main point of contact, there to assist you with all your channel connections, rate loading, changes and updates in the channels, photo loading or just general questions you may have regarding any of the services we offer.

Their role is to offer you a personalised and tailored service and to offer their expertise to ensure you receive the best possible service from the Travelbook Group. This means that we work for your success and each Revenue Architect will help you increase your hotel bookings and revenue year after year.

Commission Processing Solution

The Travelbook Group commission processing solution ensures that your staff can concentrate on delivering a good service to your guests by taking the added workload of dealing with various invoices from the various channels and consolidating it all in one monthly invoice received from us.

The way it works:

  1. The various distribution channels and Wholesalers invoice us.
  2. We then take all of these and make one invoice, which we send to the hotel at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s bookings.
  3. The hotels make the payments to us and we pay the channels in bulk as per our Global Agreements.
  4. CRO Reservation Call Center

    Enjoy access to our CRO which is built into the CRS, pulling live rates and availability making walk-ins, phone and email reservations easier than ever.

    Provide clients with a tailor made experience while they are enquiring about a reservation, you can add their quotes to a basket which can be emailed to the guest if they require more time, apply your own discounts to quotes as well as expiration deadlines. The quotation emails can be customised according to your requirements so you can impress your guests with stunning email quotations.

    The CRO can also be used as a complete back office solution for the hotel.

    Payment Gateway

    Our booking engines have the option of including a payment gateway so that you can receive payments from your website directly into your bank account, PayPal or any of the payment gateways that we have collaboration with.

    The hotel is therefore assured that the money for the reservation will be moved from the guest’s account to the hotel’s account.