GDS Connection

Amadeus - Galileo/Apollo - Sabre - Worldspan

GDS distribution is a must-have marketing tool for all hotels as it essentially sends a digital brochure to thousands of Travel Agencies around the world through their computer system. Through our Central Reservations System, our hotels are connected to all four global distribution systems to ensure that the hotel information is distributed with the maximum amount of Travel Agencies as it is possible.

IDS Distribution

Reach online booking engines through the DHISCO Switch.

Offering our hotels connectivity through our Central Reservations System to thousands of small travel websites, this is an essential marketing tool creating great online exposure for the hotel while reaching the growing number of travel websites providing real-time reservation capabilities for travellers booking online. The DHISCO Switch is a connectivity hub, a single electronic interface allowing you to link your hotel property into a network around the globe. DHISCO was developed to connect the world with suppliers and distributors.


Our consortia experts will guide you through the bidding process

A Consortium is a group of travel agencies who have banded together, in effect agencies and travel companies that don't directly compete are able to share their individual facilities thus adding an additional dimension to their size and density. Travel Management Companies (TMC), add value to corporations when they manage all or part of a given company’s travel functions. This can and often does empower them to provide price negotiation on all the elements of the travel experience. The basis of these transactions is the negotiated rate between Consortia/TMCs on behalf of their corporate customers and hotels. The ability to see these special rates in a GDS by any GDS user is restricted and the rate may be booked only after entry of either the agent’s or the client’s authorisation code. Each consortia programme has requirements and fees for hotels to participate and we assist our hotels in choosing which Consortia to join to best fit their hotel needs.

Corporate Rate Programmes

RFP stands for Request for Pricing. In the world of corporate travel, the Travel Departments of large corporations send out RFPs to those hotels that they are interested in including in their preferred corporate travel programme for their travellers to use.

The Travelbook Group offers its hotels a web-based service which allows individual properties to respond to multiple RFPs without having to re-enter data. It is a great opportunity for additional business to your hotel as very large corporate clients are using the system to negotiate.